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Bounce Back
And with a mind set that will carry you the rest of your life!


Everyone is ripe and ready for change around this time of year, then to lose all the momentum within a month.

Have you ever said:
Shit, I have lost everything,
I am just returning from an amazing life-altering Event and I have just left my old self and completely deconstructed my identity.
I have no idea how to overhaul and redesign my life, my career, my relationships.
now what I do?

Lets Talk...

There is a huge space for integration when you come home after a massive transformation.  Especially the old self as the NEW-self returning from a live event. 

Family and friends are comfortable with the old you. Many will fight and  want to keep you there.

Where there is this mass of confusion, yet you also know what you need to do  and you genuinely try to  “integrate”.

Saying to yourself: 

OMG (expletive)  I have to leave  (fill in the blank)___________relationship,  job, occupation , career.

  • I’ve lost myself
  • Nothing in my life makes sense anymore
  • Why can’t I stand up for myself?!
  • I don’t have any energy to do anything I’m supposed to do
  • My job or career is unfulfilling and/or stagnant
  • I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I don’t feel like myself
  • I’m coming off a life-transforming event, where I’ve deconstructed old identities, but I have zero idea how to overhaul my life/career/relationships from here!

Scary to now go home when you have no idea what to do, how to integrate what has just happened.  To completely redesign,  reclaim a new self,  how to language the boundaries, how to keep it together, and sustain your transformation! 

I have been there and that is what I needed,  so I created it!

Integration after___________

Trauma: massive personal transformation, death, abuses, change in career, change in life and lifestyle, move to another state (you name it, I have been there done that).

YOU: Be teachable, be open, be ready to integrate a new life and lifestyle in real time, for real life. Sue provides a container full of like minded, safe, loving and supportive (not enabling) people. 

We are all ready to reclaim, rebuild, redesign on our terms


By joining event you will also be included in our weekly GROUP calls.  This keeps us accountable, together, sharing experience and leading by example. BIG love bubble and its container.

Only $599.00! 

WOW-5 hours 1:1 with sue for 5 days

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