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187 | Nancy Pickard

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Gratitude Cafe Episode 187: Featuring Nancy Pickard

In this episode of The Gratitude Cafe, host Sue Lundquist talks with Nancy Pickard about conquering your fears, embracing your courage, and transforming your life.

What does it take to have the passion, confidence, and guts to climb Mount Kilimanjaro—at age 61? Nancy Pickard knows. 

For most of her adult life, Nancy was a stay-at-home wife and mom and also the owner and operator of a private personal training gym. Her days revolved around taking care of her sons and her husband—who, after 26 years of marriage, wanted a divorce. After dating, getting engaged, and suffering another crushing breakup, she began to redefine her priorities, came to see herself as worthy, and set out to create a joyful, inspiring, and extraordinary life. 

In her breakout book, BIGGER, BETTER, BRAVER: Conquer Your Fears, Embrace Your Courage, and Transform Your Life (Top Reads Publishing, July 2020), Nancy Pickard draws on her personal journey and her professional experience coaching and empowering others to guide anyone seeking to discover and design a big, juicy, full, and deeply rewarding life of their own. 

Featured on this Episode:

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