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178 | Finding Health with Hollan Hamid

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Gratitude Cafe Episode 178: Featuring Hollan Hamid

Holland Hamid is a cordon bleu-trained chef, health advocate, former restaurant owner, Mom of 3, plant-based cookbook author, and expert in vegan plant-based food.  She has been on her own health journey for 13 years and loves sharing her perspective and experience with food that led her to be in charge of her own health. Hollan is here today to share her journey in the hopes of inspiring all of you.

On this episode of The Gratitude Cafe, host Sue Lundquist chats with Hollan about her own journey with food. And, Hollan shares her personal experience of finding health.

A few things we discuss:

  • The true definition of a vegan.
  • Why there should be no shame in being vegan.
  • How to break up with some of your beliefs so you can own your own power.
  • The 3 reasons why Hollan says people become vegan.
  • Why boundaries with food are so important.
  • How you can empower yourself by picking and choosing the foods you have in your life.
  • Why it all starts in the colon.

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