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159 | Embracing Anxiety w/ Karla McLaren | Gratitude Cafe


Embracing Anxiety

Gratitude Cafe Episode 159: Featuring Karla McLaren.

In her book, Embracing Anxiety, author Karla McLaren shows you how to use the genius emotion of anxiety in empowering and affirming ways.

Most people have been taught that anxiety is a sign of weakness or shame, but Karla believes that anxiety serves an important purpose.

For instance, embracing your anxiety can:

  • Provide clarity on the immediate future
  • Assist you in getting organized & prepared
  • Give you the energetic push to get things done


Embracing Anxiety is an in-depth guide to harnessing the genius of this emotion. Inside this book, you will learn:

  • Principles and practices to befriend your anxiety at every level of intensity
  • Strategies to engage with anxiety as a source of foresight, conscientiousness, and motivation
  • Why fear, confusion, and panic are not the same as anxiety, and how to work with each effectively
  • How anxiety works with anger, depression, and other emotions, and how to clarify these compounded states
  • Conscious Questioning practices to engage with your anxiety and access its insights
  • How to embrace procrastination and get things done in your own way


Karla McLaren, M.Ed. is an award-winning author, social science researcher, and empathy pioneer. She is the founder and CEO of Emotion Dynamics LLC and the developer of the Empathy Academy online learning site.

Karla is in production on a book about emotions in the workplace The Power of Emotions at Work (Sounds True, 2021), and an illustrated children’s book: Emotions! The Smart Kid’s Field Guide to the Wonderful World of Feelings.

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