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106 | Mica, the Baby Whisperer, Empowered Conception

Empowered Conception with Mica, the Baby Whisperer

Moving beyond the medical & biological part of conceiving, and discovering how to heal and connect in order to conceive or bring your soul baby into your world. Learn to remove blocks and communicate with your soul baby! I will act as a catalyst and guide to provide energy healing and messages to empower you on your conception journey. When we are in our power, we can manifest anything!

The Show

​Time: @ 8:00am PST Tuesdays

Radio 1150am or listen live online at 
Call in with questions or perhaps we are guided to have a reading:
1-800-298-5569 (KKNW).

About the Guest:

Mica DeSantis is a Healer & Conception Catalyst, working with women who are on their conception journey. Through energy healing and guidance, she helps women shift from “struggling to conceive” to an “Empowered Conception.”

Mica is a reiki master and “Soul Baby Whisperer”. She is able to help connect women to their soul baby – the baby they are destined to raise.

Mica’s purpose is to help others take notice of the magic surrounding them, helping them heal, and guiding them to their purpose and MIRACLES.