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103 | Hypnotherapy with a Brain Health Coach, Lisa Marini

Hypnotherapy with Brain Health Coach, Lisa Marini

Lisa Marini, a leading Brain Health Coach, will take us through the journey of stress and how today’s society traps us in our fight or flight limbic responses. Lisa will also explain the emerging practice of Brain Health Coaching and its benefits for anyone with a brain.

What is Brain Health Coaching?

How did you get into it?

Who can benefit from Brain Health Coaching?/ Is it only for people with brain injury?

What sort of things do you teach?

What are some of your success stories?

Why is this modality new?

It seems like people have a lot of stress, how is that impacting the brain?

Where does stress come from?

What is one take away for people to leave with today?

Give away – free brain health assessment at

This will show areas of your life to focus on for optimal brain health based on the answers to your questions, as well as personalized recommendations for improved overall brain health.

The Show

​Time: @ 8:00am PST Tuesdays

Radio 1150am or listen live online at 
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About the Guest:

Lisa spent most of her adult life wrangling $30mil – $50mil dollar construction projects working as a Superintendent as well as a Project Manager. She obtained many varying skills in this line of work and enjoyed the challenge and growth the industry demanded. But her true passion is being in service to others, and has always found time to coach and support people.

Lisa is a Certified Brain Health Coach by The Amen Clinic, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach with a focus on brain based nutrition, a certified as a Neurosculpting® Facilitator, EFT practitioner and is working towards her certified Hypnotherapist.

Lisa has studied the brain and the critical role it plays in ALL decisions from weight loss, goal setting, stress relief and every area of life. Lisa founded her Brain Health Coaching practice dedicated to aid individuals in overall health, stress relief, navigating life change and performance.

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