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102 | Connect to Your Innate Energetic Gifts with Jess Bubbico

Connecting to your Innate Gifts with Jess Bubbico

Jess Bubbico is an Intuitive Coach who specializes in helping women connect with their innate energetic gifts and utilize those gifts to guide them along their path.


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About the Guest:

Jess believes that we aren’t all here to live the same path or create the exact same kind of life. Each of us is here to discover our own true north and co-create the life we desire to live by tuning into our unique internal guidance system (or intuition). Learning the language our internal guidance system speaks paired with simple, practical, tangible tools for healing & transformation can lead us to heightened levels of personal freedom, fulfillment, and joy.

Jess is a natural born Intuitive Medium, Coach, Speaker, & Entrepreneur on a mission to help the collective wake up to magic that exists within themselves. Jess isn’t here to tell those who she works with ‘the answers’ but rather guide them on a journey to discovering those answers within themselves. Jess is the host of the ‘Manifest Your Best Life Podcast’.

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