097 | That To-Do List? ….hear the truth bomb Shelia laid out for us

Sheila Wright laid a big fat truth bomb on us today!

…. your TO DO list….OMYGawd tune in to hear this!

Life moves fast. And for those of us who have a big vision for ourselves and the world, managing all the “stuff” that comes at us every day can make it hard to stay grounded and focused on the things that are most important to us.


So, how can we maintain our personal power, our freedom, and our peace of mind while still playing a big game in life?

Mission Control is about doing those things that will fulfill what is of greatest importance – to our organizations and to ourselves. And, doing this in the midst of the seemingly overwhelming demand that is placed on us.

In this interview, we will examine what it takes to create a paradigm shift for ourselves in the realm of productivity and getting things done.

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Sheila Wright with 13 years of professional coaching experience, Sheila specializes in transformational leadership training and has worked closely with respected thought leaders in a variety of disciplines in the field of human performance and development. Her expertise has been sought by professionals in a variety of industries, including health care, real estate, sports, finance, customer service, military, and construction. In addition to working with business clients, Sheila has led and managed public leadership courses for international organizations dedicated to personal growth and development. She is passionate about working with people to take the lid off what they can accomplish.

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