what about this GOD?

I have been researching many regarding energy, faith, god and this fine fella Mr. Rob Bell and  I am quite pleased to say I love what he is talking about.

When I had children it wasn’t all about me anymore and I had to instill values and principles based on my core belief system.   Wellllll, my core belief system was ROCKED (like some of you here) and I had to search out what GOD meant to me, and what it certainly did not. There has always been a core belief in me that I knew was always present but was also so reluctant to define it as GOD because the definitions I have seen in society was not what I represent personally.

Married to a man who doesn’t believe in the traditional dogmatic belief system at all,  yet he married a woman who can communicate with souls that have crossed over, intuitive, claraudient and clarscentient……ok, a few things here, this girl was brought up in a society where this communication was considered witch craft based on the belief of their GOD and their church, their faith.  The same folks that shame the gay, start wars because of their faith/belief system and  guilt you into doing what THEY deem right-uh! … ?, nope does not sit well with me, does not feel right.

So became this odd and confusing struggle to determine how  GOD was defined for me and my growing family adding I had to teach my children how to respond to not so nice playground shaming questions based on their (their parents) belief in their GOD and that Daddy didn’t believe in this society based GOD (because that did not feel right either)…since then this is what I have taught them. ………….” Honey, we are all energy, what we choose to do with this energy is up to us individually”  “Sweetheart your response can be:  ” I believe in the positive energy a GOD can represent” and if they have any more questions then they need to come talk to me because this will become an adult conversation.

Rob Bell, his style, his charisma and his skinny jeans ( I say this with a sarcastic grin) got my attention ( I am still learning about what & all you do)!  There is so much to be learned by the basic essence of  GOD.  Going on what I believe it to be and that is: energy, “energy of love”.   When I am in my space of communicating with souls and  facilitating energy healing there is another energy with me, and I believe this energy to be of love and that undying love energy is GOD.  Then yes I do believe in the energy of GOD.

It feels so good to say just that, as though a weight has been lifted because there has been so much doubt, so much fear, uncertainty and language around the belief of a GOD that did NOT feel right in my soul.  This definition does. I can not explain or rationalize how or why I can speak to souls that have crossed over or that I feel, hear and sense all this. I do know it is real for me and for those that I have touched.

To Rob Bell and Mizz OPRAH it has been a great pleasure to take this ride with you, and thank you for stepping OUT and being an example and educating us of  “a positive energy a GOD can represent”.

With love and blessings, Sue

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