So much is being said about being aware, what about being unaware…

ACT NOW Red_Button Image untitledSo much is said about being AWARE….

My work is mostly with the Working Mom because, I am a Working Mom however what I teach can be applied to all.


First, keep in mind the action of becoming self-aware is a “continual process”.  So don’t beat yourself up, but I urge you to “act now”.



Following are some examples of what NOT being aware is:

Lets start off with the definition of awareness: Knowledge of perception of a situation or fact.


Parents and setting examples:

EVERYTHING, I mean everything you are doing in front of your children is being recorded as their belief system. If you are showing up in their lives with bad habits and examples they will inherit them.

This could look like poor body image, eating or starving yourself, poor language, clean/not clean, how you talk to people, how you talk to people when you are in the car when someone cuts you off :O). What you are saying is going right in.

Example 1:  I am going to use food, body image and weight as my first Example (because that is usually what we are hyper focused on due to our societal pressures):

You want to lose weight so you are starving yourself: not eating, or eating verrrry little. This means you become very short tempered with your children and they have no idea why.  They will just grow up thinking  you are always grumpy and never smile (then “they” will parent like that just because you wanted to lose a couple lbs and look good in that Halloween costume).

Then you juice yourself up with caffeine and sugar because you are so exhausted because you are not feeding your body what it needs.  Not to mention what it is doing to your hormones and adrenal glands (see natural-path for this).  Again, you snap at your children for the littlest things and make small non consequential experiences a HUGE deal, because of the state your body  and mind are in, that being  over reactive (fight or flight).  Have you heard this before: “mom you are over re-acting”, “honey please you are over acting”.  Honestly take a look at it, do not allow your ego to justify the behavior.


Example 2: You are up for a promotion at work and you are ubber excited (who blames you) and you are at your friend’s birthday party  and you are talking loudly about your promotion through dinner and even as they open the gifts. When your friend tries to change the subject you think and act as though she must be jealous.


Example 3: Hound an acquaintance for a lunch date, they finally accept to find that at lunch you ask them to be in your wedding. Later they never return your call, and you wonder what their problem is.


In these example I am sure there is one and/or your own that you have experience in your life. What is missing here is your “self-awareness”.  I urge you to do some serious soul searching and find out what type of person you what to show up as in life: personally and professionally?

Start by getting clear and setting up a Personal Code of Conduct to help you, co-workers and your children to navigate through the life.


Why is this clarity important?

It is  vital to the growth of yourself and your family. This clarity will aid you in making choices that are based on your core belief system/your personal code of conduct that you have put in place vs. kinda flying by the seat of your pants (NOT being aware). After this is put in place you must be purposeful & aware of your actions.

As a leader you must be clear on how you want to represent. All your answers to question and choices will be based on your Personal code of conduct.

Sue Lundquist, Author, Radio, Public Speaker, Workshop leader

ACT NOW in your life, your bottom line and your family line depend on it!

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