I see you, love.

No matter where your life began, what you’ve been through, or how long you have been diminishing your light to please others – power & possibility are closer than you think.


Turning pain into power...

Beyond the trauma and conditioned beliefs is a whole different YOU…

Underneath the fear, people-pleasing & settling for less-than is a vibrant & powerful you who stops waiting for permission to have what she wants & desires.

Beyond the pain is possibility that will fill you to overflowing with all the juicy things you’ve secretly dreamt about.

I work with women who...

…are in a major transition in life. You’re done with the self-sacrifice and ready prioritize your heart’s desireseven if you don’t know what that looks like.

If you’re ready to show up for you and you’re committed to doing the inner work, you can do this.

I’ll be right next to you, guiding the way to reclaiming your authentic self, so you can create and sustain a juicy life fueled by clarity, confidence and self-love.

Be brave. You are worthy, love.


1:1 mentorship: In order for your life to change, you must first change. Clarity is the fuel to all your desires.

Here is a special opportunity where you will be working with Sue in a safe 1:1 container. Please see the invitation below and  please fill out the form below to be submitted. Limited spaces available.

Sue only takes on 1:1 Mentorship clients for those that are truly committed to engaging with the work. This means big brave work applying the mind set tools and practiced dialog.

Mentorship with Sue

Included (this is for sure what will be covered and a new process taught. There will be many other self regulating tools that will be tailored to you.

  1. 10 1:1 hours with Sue

  2. Awareness: Provide tools and practices that are keeping you addicted to your past.

  3. 3 phases of Transformation

  4. PCC taught and aligned with new self

  5. Boundary language to align with ReDesign

  6. Boundary script to align with ReDesign

  7. Breath work with Heart coherence

  8. Personal Clarity and defining satisfaction to your aligned and intended outcome.

  9. I will teach you clarity on your current intended outcome and give you mindset tools, aka a process to back it all up and keep the energy in alignment and attracting what you truly desire.

  10. You will have a new mindset that will last for generations to come.

  11. Online C2C self study one year access ( 6plus hours of Sue teaching in self study)

  12. Annual weekly group calls for one year (after that $299. per year)

Sue structures it in this manner for accountability and immediate application of the tools. Practice and Repeat. You only get out of the course the same work you put into it.

Bounce Back now, and REclaim, REdesign your new life and lifestyle.
More Life, More intimacy, More vitality, More joy, More time. Create language that shows confidence and also aligns with your lifestyle. This is intimacy on a whole new level.
Time to level up!

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Reservation, cancellation and No Refunds.

No refunds, cancellations, or disputes will be allowed. Further, no partial refunds of any kind will be allowed for any reason.

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The full fee of the course in non-refundable and non-transferable. If the Participant elects the payment option plan, the Participant is responsible for paying Company the entirety of the remaining balance. If a payment plan is offered and is chosen, the payment plan must be paid on time each month and ay default in payment will result in immediate removal from the course. The Company retains the right to legally enforce Participants to pay any remaining balance on their payment plans should cancellation occur.

As the policy above state, due to the digital nature o the course, there are no refunds for any reason.

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